Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That Guy We've Loved for a Lifetime

I am always amazed with the attraction that draws two people together and keeps them together for life. It just seems strange that a decision made so young should have continued and evolved right into grandparenting together. What is the glue? Is it love and infatuation? Is it laughter? Is it depth? Is it the differences that somehow compliment and compensate? I have no answers, only continuing amazement.

My thoughts move to my favorite selection by Judith Viorst entitled Love and Infatuation

Infatuation is when you think that he's as gorgeous as Robert Redford, as pure as Solzhenitsyn, as funny as Woody Allen, as athletic as Jimmy Connors, and as smart as Albert Einstein.

Love is when you realize that he's as gorgeous as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Solzhenitsyn, as athletic as Albert Einstein, and nothing like Robert Redford in any category -- but you'll take him anyway.

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b said...

Dear Norah,

I think they are both pretty darn cute! As for Robert Redford, it turns out he is short, wrinkled and lives in Utah!!! I don't want anyone like him.