Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sometimes the Nest is Too Empty

Some mornings, I awaken to this quiet house and feel completely satisfied and at peace. Some mornings, I awaken and wonder what happened to my life as mom, teacher, and grandmother. I seem to go through these periods of sadness and blues, and it troubles me that I keep searching for more and more meaning. I guess I DID enjoy the chaos and the busy life more than I realized. Since I have become determined to give my grown daughter the room she needs to become completely independent of me, a piece of me feels like I have given her an incredible gift. The other piece of me feels like I am abandoning her -- something I swore I would never let her feel again as long as she lived. Just exactly where is the line, I wonder on a daily basis.

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b said...

It is wonderful Norah. I love the length. I fight the need for more words with every blog. Yours is just perfect. I love the name too. Leaves lots of room for wandering/wondering thoughts. You can write about Skye or apple pie...they will both fit.