Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early Morning Metaphor

Early this morning, I wandered to the top of our hill in hopes of viewing the total eclipse of the moon. It was the quietest time I have had in quite a while, and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of my home (our planet) at night.

I watched in wonder while the shadow of our planet blocked out an entire full moon for nearly an hour. My camera fought hard to gather in every bit of light otherwise available in order for it to capture this phenomenon, and I was surprised at the digital results. While the pictures do not replicate the experience of the eclipse, they do lend a new insight to what is out there EVERY night that we just never see.

Somehow, this has to be a metaphor for the way we live our everyday lives -- not noticing the ordinary until something spectacular captures our attention long enough that we actually notice the ordinary beauty that has been there all along.


FreeThinker said...

Lovely photo - and prose!

Anonymous said...

Standing outside in the amazing darkness watching the shadow cover the moon and remain there was more of an experience than I had hoped for. It was just so...enveloping. I am sorry that you were SO prepared but were unable to share my experience. I went out there hoping for an unusual photo of Hat Rock and this phenomenon. I got much, much more.
Thanks for your comments. N